Monetize Your Site with Video Ads

As a publisher you are always looking for a way to monetize your website and earn a return for the time spent developing your content.  After all it’s not free to maintain servers and invest in all the time spent bringing your readers a quality user experience.  For publishers to continue investing in and developing their website they need to earn high CPM’s and revenue for their inventory. Fortunately for publishers they have an endless amount of website monetization options but with so many options how does a publisher know which one to choose?  Should they go for options that pay low CPM but are not intrusive to users (such as display ads on revshare) or should they go for more aggressive monetization options that can pay for high CPM’s but provide a bad user experience (like pop up banners)?
With video ads publishers get the best of both worlds; they can earn high CPM video ads from premium advertisers but also provide ads that are non-intrusive and provide an enjoyable user experience to your users. Premium video advertisers like to spend money on online video ads because they can run the same expensive ads they run on television but with much better tracking and tracking than they can on television.  With television ads advertisers have little way of knowing whether their ads are being viewed and who is viewing them yet they are spending very high budgets.  By taking these same ads and targeting them to specific websites and even individual users advertisers can achieve a higher ROI on their spending budgets. This is good news for publishers.  With traditional display ads advertisers usually only pay if the user clicks on an ad or converts on an action after the ad.  With video ads the advertiser pays as long as the video player needs which leads to very high CPM’s on both mobile web and desktop devices.  Publishers earn high CPM’s and video advertiser’s reach their target audience and view metrics not possible with television ads. But what about the user experience?  High CPM’s may be nice in the short term but if the monetization tool bothers the users they will surely leave your site and affect your long term revenue potential.  With the video ads load on mute and are not bothersome to your users.  The player loads in the background on both desktop and mobile web devices without harming the user experience.

Can I Monetize My Website With Video Ads?

With virtually any publisher can start earning high CPM’s for their inventory on both mobile web and desktop devices. You may qualify for our platform if you meet the following criteria:
  • At least 50,000 page hits a month
  • Your website is strictly human traffic (websites with high bot traffic will be banned)
  • Your website does not have adult, file sharing, racism, alcohol, drugs, violence, or other sensitive content of any kind.
  • You place our video monetization unit in a visible location
Simply visit our signup page and get started within 30 seconds!

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