How do I get started? Sign up at dashboard.vinteo.tv/register with your details. Once your account is created you will receive your ad tag which you implement within your site to start getting video ads and generating revenues!

Where can I view my statistics? Once you’ve signed up you will get a confirmation letter to the e-mail address mentioned in the signup form. To view your account information and statistics login at dashboard.vinteo.tv/login using your credentials.
Which ad units can I run? For optimal results, we suggest running banners that are greater than 400 width and 300 height. The most common sizes are 300×250, 480×320, 640×480, 800×600.
Do you support both desktop and mobile web? Yes, for both desktop and mobile web we accept any size banner that is at minimum 250 width and 170 height.
How much revenue will I generate? The CPM is determined by many factors such as: size of the banner, geo, your domain Alexa rank, time on site and the environment you are running the tag. Although CPM rates cannot be guaranteed, our advanced optimization tools enable us to maximize the value of your traffic and achieve the best result possible. It can take up to 14 days for our demand partners to fully adapt to all your domains and in special cases we can push this manually to get even higher CPMs.

What about ad quality? We care for our publisher’s property, hence we carefully review each and every ad before it is added to our demand. We never accept suggestive or malicious content from our advertisers.

Can I run your tag in an ad server? Sure! We also offer tags that are fully compatible with DFP.
 How and when will I get paid? We pay either via PayPal or Bank wire on a Net 30 basis (30 days from the end of the previous calendar month, given the invoice is received on time). There is no minimum payout for PayPal payments and only $500 for Bank wires (if the balance is lower the amount is carried to the next payment cycle).
What type of traffic is allowed? We have a zero tolerance policy for any bot, invalid, fraudulent, malicious, masked, or adult traffic of any kind.  Our system scans every publisher in real time and publishers suspected of running traffic in violation of our policies will have their tags deactivated and their revenues withheld. If you have a question about your inventory e-mail us at admin@vinteo.tv.
Any questions we may have not answered? E-mail us at: admin@vinteo.tv

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